The worst mini excavators—How to avoid that

The worst mini excavators—How to avoid that

The worst mini excavators—How to avoid that


There are many types of mini excavator brands in the market but it’s important to do your research while buying a mini excavator for yourself. Not all mini excavators are created with equal capabilities. Some are much better than others. Some are better in some aspects while others are better in others. So what makes a bad mini excavator and what you should avoid while buying this type of machinery? In this blog, we will exactly discuss the worst mini excavators– How to avoid that. There are a few points that you need to keep in mind in order to avoid the worst mini excavator in the market. First and foremost thing is make sure you avoid any machine or brand which have a lot of negative reviews. It’s usually a good sign that the quality is not up to par. Do your proper research and only buy from reputable dealers.

What is the worst mini excavator?

Poor-quality mini excavators have a high rate of failure and repairs are a waste of both money and time. It seriously affects the progress of construction and can reduce work efficiency. So what kind of mini excavator machines are the worst? It can be reflected in the following aspects.

Engine issues and failure:

  • The engine noise becomes much loudly, the accelerator has a huge rumbling sound and the car body has obvious vibration.
  • Engine oil consumption threshold becomes high
  • Insufficient engine power with abnormal noise and black smoke emission from the exhaust pipe.

Boom failure:

  • The excavator’s arm is dropped, the compact excavator arm is dropped and the middle arm of the excavator is dropped.
  • The lifting and lowering of the compact excavator’s boom are slow
  • Tracks are loose, damaged, or broken

Poor after-sales services:

After purchasing the mini excavator machines various failures occurs frequently and the manufacturer can’t provide spare parts in time, can’t repair it on-site, and can’t provide a reasonable solution. The issue with low-quality mini excavators is that they are not very durable. It means they are easily damaged and you will end up having to replace them more often. Also, they may not be as efficient as you want them to be. So to avoid such problems you need to make sure you only buy from reputable dealers and read reviews before buying.

Problems with low-quality mini excavators:

To ensure the normal use of mechanical equipment the selection of spare parts for each part of the factory is also very important. Otherwise, it will have a great impact on the equipment. We can take mini excavator filters as an example to introduce you to the reasons for the poor quality of the mini excavator. Filters are often replaced with oil-resistant rubber parts by ordinary rubber parts. During use, the internal short circuit of the filter may be formed due to the failure of the internal seals. This results in early wear of the engine and reduction of life or due to the expansion and deformation of the external seals. The outer sealing ring of the oil filters is extruded and excessive oil leakage in a short time will cause the engine to burn tiles, hold the shaft and even shorten the life of the engine.

  • In order to cut costs and for other reasons, inferior filters usually choose filter paper to make filter elements. Due to the large pore size of filter paper, poor uniformity, and low filtration efficiency it can’t effectively filter out harmful impurities in the engine which will cause early wear and tear in the engine.
  • Spot welding is often used instead of seam welding for the solder joints of the external parts of the inferior filters which can’t guarantee the sealing performance and easily leads to the formation of short circuits.
  • The oil filter tube material will be thin instead of thick lacking strength. Due to the suction of the central tube, the damage to the filter element blocks the oil circuit. It results in insufficient lubrication of the engine or the reliability of the bite is poor and the bite is opened when the machine is in use resulting in a large amount of oil leakage in a short period of time which causes the engine to burn tiles and hold the shaft.
  • To save manufacturing cost and time the inferior filter doesn’t carry out anti-rust treatment on the metal parts such as the end cover of the filter element the central tube and the shell. It leads to metal corrosion and produces impurities, making the filter a source of pollution. Even more serious is the use of cement as an adhesive because it’s very harmful.
  • In addition to filters, many excavator manufacturers use inferior steel and accessories in order to reduce costs and obtain more economic benefits. Apart from this here are a few other things that can help you to avoid bad purchases. Firstly make sure you buy from only reputable dealers. It will help you to get a good quality product.

How to avoid bad purchases:

Most people can’t tell the important features of a machine, particularly a mini excavator, and can only find out whether the mini excavator is durable by trying but this method requires time and cost. So here are a few tips for avoiding bad purchases of mini excavators.


A good quality cast iron motor can resist the vibration of the engine to provide strong power, better and convert the power source. A poor-quality aluminum motor pump doesn’t have this kind of feature.

Hydraulic cylinder:

A good quality high pressure heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder is made by high precision machining and quenching process while a hydraulic cylinder of poor quality increases in roughness and has a poor sense of use and is easy to deform.

Support shaft:

A high-quality support shaft adopts the quenching process concentric shaft, which is not easy to bend while the bad-quality ordinary shaft is only thickened, not quenched not concentric, and easily gets bent.

Backfill blade:

An ideal good quality backfill blade is designed at a 90-degree angle and the blade is vertically outward at 90 degrees so that the soil is not easy to turn in. However, the backfill blade of poor quality is designed at a 45-degree angle and the soil is easy to return which affects walking.

Digging arm:

A reinforced digging arm is considered to be the best and of good quality. The concentric shaft is not easy to be broken by secondary reinforcement, while the digging arm is of poor quality has a poor manufacturing process, and uneven welding, and the connection is more likely to break when the force is strong.


A good quality chassis adopts a tie rod design to increase the tension of the machine, while a chassis of poor quality is insufficient in tension and the driving force of the machine will also be affected.

Operating safety guards:

Operator safety guards are an important part. A good mini excavator will surely have these. These greatly improve safety and also ensure convenient maintenance. Worst of bad mini excavators don’t have these and that’s why they get easily damaged because safety is not high.

Hydraulic hose quality:

Good quality branded mini excavators mostly use German Continental hydraulic oil pipes while the unbranded low-quality mini excavators‘ oil pipes which are made by private workshops. These can be ruptured or burst anytime.

How to buy a reliable mini excavator?

Caterpillar, Bobcat, and John Deere are some of the best global mini excavator brands globally. These companies have an illustrious history of producing quality excavators which are efficient and durable. If you’re looking for a new mini excavator choose any of them. While purchasing even from these brands consider these points.

Project size:

For large-scale earthwork projects and medium and large-scale open-pit mine projects, the design institute or relevant experts should analyze compare and scientifically calculate according to the various factors like investment scale and supporting equipment and determine the specifications, models, and quantities of hydraulic mini excavators to be purchased. For smaller projects like road maintenance, and farmland water conservancy, you need to use a common smaller excavator model.

Operators comfort:

The Cab environment and the advantages of the operating system are directly related to the comfort and safety of the operator and work efficiency. Pay attention to whether a shock absorber is installed in the cab of the mini excavator machine, the sealing effect, the adjustment angle of the seat, and its comfort. Whether the air conditioner, radio, cigarette lighter, and fire extinguisher are equipped. Whether there is an emergency escape device or not. The machine should be equipped with a cab protection net and falling object projection frame devices to ensure the safety of the operator.

Reputation survey of manufacturer:

Because there are so many manufacturers of mini excavators so you can investigate each manufacturer before purchasing. For example, you can inquire about the mini excavator of any manufacturer from their old and previous users. Regarding performance information and quality assurance analyze and compare the collected information and buy from the best manufacturer on the basis of that data.

After-sales services survey of manufacturers:

Manufacturers must have a complete services system (parts, supply, service system during the warranty period and maintenance service work outside the warranty period, etc.) It’s necessary to meet the maintenance and repair needs of construction units or individuals after purchasing equipment. If the service of a manufacturer cannot be guaranteed, even if the performance of the machine is good do not buy any kind of equipment from them. Otherwise, you’ll be in huge trouble regarding service issues.

How to buy reliable mini excavators from China?

China is a global hub for sourcing in almost all product categories and there are many well-reputed manufacturers from china. Apart from this china has the biggest B2B platform Alibaba so we can’t rule out china when buying a mini excavator. However, there are some dos and don’ts in buying mini excavators from china. Here are these.

Check the business license of the company:

The first thing you need to ask the seller or dealer is a business license to see when the company was established. This will help you to find some companies which have been in business for a long time.

Customs Data:

Custom data includes trade data between Chinese companies and more than 20 countries. You can search for the export status of the company you are following to confirm whether it is a normal operating company.

Do they have an Alibaba store?

Cross-border eCommerce is a major trend in the future and Alibaba is the largest B2B website in china. The corporate information of some advanced users has been officially certified by international certification companies such as BV/TUV/SGS.

Own website:

Nowadays in the age of the internet websites are really important. Building a qualified website in China requires a lot of money. Some small brands or companies don’t have the funds and strength to create such a website. They often spend a little bit of money to make a site with a poor experience or even unplayable. Some sellers don’t even have a website. And some powerful companies will also have a perfect user experience website.

Alibaba supplier report:

Alibaba supplier report provides verified data which gives you insight into the list of approved suppliers. That list will only have suppliers available on Alibaba.

Video verification:

You can view the factory and office premises of the seller or supplier through video calls as well. If you have a friend in china then you can ask him/her to check the seller’s information for you. It will be much more convenient and time-saving.

Customer reviews:

Chinese sellers on Alibaba will have a place to display customer reviews. You can visually see what other buyers think about that brand or supplier. By following these tips you should be able to find a quality mini excavator at an affordable price. Avoid any mini excavator which has a lot of negative reviews no matter how much that brand is famous or big.

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