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HIOSEN small excavators are designed to excel attributes of comfort, controllability, efficiency, reliability,and performance, which that are most important to excavator customers and operators.

Small Excavators Lineup

Besides the mini excavaotrs, the excavators from 3 tons to 10 tons are also called small excavators. Some other companies also call them compact excavators, or even midi excavators.  Hiosen has been in this field over 12 years, the manufacturing and exporting experience have proved the quality and reliability. Some other models are also available, please contact us to know more.

We can do beyond your imagination

Coupled with the introduction of diverse attachments built just for small excavators, they have become diverse work horses, are widely used on many construction sites at every corner of the world.

hiosen auger

Equipped with Auger Drilling

Using an auger attachment, mini excavators can easily drill deep into soil or concrete for installing fence posts, road signage or trees.

excavator applications

Material Handling

Barns, sheds, or other structures can all be taken down using a compact excavator. The machine can also be used to load debris onto the back of a trailer for disposal.

breaking hammer

Indoor Breaking with Hammer

The machine’s maneuverability and power, coupled with precision handling, make it a go-to for residential earthworks. Also, it can accomplish the indoor breaking with a hammer.

Attachments and Configurations Available

A wide range of attachments extend the versatility of mini excavators. Attachments range from various blades and buckets to augers, compactor plates, hydraulic hammers and rippers.Cab-mounted controls allow easy connection to the attachments.

1. Construction Works

  • Drilling: Augers can dig down to support posts, fences and other structures.
  • Ripping: Rippers cut through hard-packed earth and ice to make room for construction..

2. Landscaping jobs

  • Placing and removing trees.
  • Tearing down small structures like sheds and decks.
  • Carrying away debris.
  • Installing pools and spas.
  • Raking, mowing grass and removing brush.
  • Mulching.

3. Materials Handling

Small excavators can handle oddly shaped piles of debris as well as pallets, drums and other loads.

4. Farming

On the farm, compact excavator uses include everything from spearing and moving hay bales to digging holes for fence posts. 

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The Manufacturing Process of Small Diggers

We have 12 years’ manufacturing experience of mini diggers. Most production lines have been automatic with high working efficiency and manufacturing precision. The products could only be delivered after strict commissioning and testing.

Hiosen factory cutting mini digger


Hiosen adopt the automatic laser cutting of raw materials, ensuring the precision.

Hiosen factory moulding mini digger


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Hiosen factory welding mini digger


Both professional hand-welding together with automatic welding in factory.

sand blasting


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shot blasting


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manufacturing plant assembly


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mini digger commissioning


Each mini digger have to be tested before delivery, ensure its reliability.

How to Import small excavators from China?

How to  import mini diggers from China? Perhaps our most concern is the price of the equipment. What’s more, you may be a little confused about the process of importing goods from China if you don’t have such experiences.  Here are some guidelines on shipping mini diggers from China.

import mini diggers from china

1. Get to konw the whole cost of Mini Diggers

2. Confirm the Trade Terms

3. Paying and shipping out the goods

4. Possible Government Regulations

5. Documents Required for the Importation

6. Customs Bond for Importing Machinery

7. Working with a Customs Broker Instead

Estimated Cost for Import and Wholesale Mini Diggers

All the money paid to Hiosen for the purchase of their products is secure. The total cost of importing mini diggers mainly include the followings, here is an outline of costs you will incur.

Product Cost

Confirm the model of micro excavators you need, then we will quote the factory cost of the product itself.

Attached Tools

As mini diggers could be equipped with many optional tools to achieve different tasks, this cost will be different according to the tools you choose.

Port Charges

Land transportation to loading port and some port charges for customs declarition issues will incur. Also, some other cost charged by the port authority.

china digger hiosen factory1

Sea freight cost

This cost depends on the distance between loading port and destination port.

Customs Duty

China has bilateral protocols with some countries who could enjoy zero duty or taxes. We could help issue all the relavant certificates. For other clients, we will also provide what we can to minimize the cost.

Land transportation

After all the above process, you can take the mini diggers home by truck. This is the last cost.

We love to help

Warmly please contact us for business cooperation. Our business team could always provide you the most cost-effective solution.

Estimated Delivery Time

We work fast. With the increasing number of customers approaching us, we have no other options but to prioritize speed. Let’s look at the whole process of manufacturing and shipping:


Design and Manufacturing

We design mini diggers for OEM clients and manufacture the goods through the above process within 5 working days.

HIOSEN digger loading in container


Packing and Loading

The staff packs the products in fumigation wooden box, or load them into the containers according to the quantity.


Customs Declaration

The staff load the products onto  vans, and once decleared, drivers then transport them to various dispatch points.

custom issues
import mini diggers from china


Sea & Land Transportation

Once the products arrive at their destination, you will receive an alert. You can plan how to collect your shipped goods.

Package And Delivery

HIOSEN small excavaotrs package
HIOSEN small excavaotrs package
HIOSEN small excavaotrs package
HIOSEN digger loading in container


When it comes to packaging, we have to at first consider the ordering quantity. If only 1 or 2 sets, we usually put the excavator in the wooden box and fix it inside. If the quantity is big, we could load them into the container and fix them. Our experienced packing team could do it quite well.

For more packing details, please

Comprehensive Service

OEM Service

As the 12 years manufacturer, we are ready to customize for your special need, OEM service is always available.

Qualily Service

We adopt high level strict test poclicy on each process, ensuring each product is of high quality and best performance.

Technical Guide

Whether you intend to purchase our mini excavator or have your own, we can always provide you the most professional suggestions.

After-sale Service

During your usage of our equipment, we will solve any problems when receive your feedback.

Ask Us Anything

If you have interest for our products, or still have more questions, please contact us anytime. We will reply you within 24 hours.


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