5 Ways To Make Profit With Mini Diggers in 2022

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Introduction Mini excavators are considered great machines for the right job site. However, when you also combine with them the right attachments, you can perform several tasks through one little excavator. This is why mini excavators can help you start a profitable business by performing multiple jobs. Even though there are many ways to earn […]

Should We Choose Mini Diggers from China

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 A lot of urban development was made in this era. Narrow and small urban areas required a compact option instead of heavy and large-sized machines. So, many people choose mini diggers for their job. As we all know, mini excavators have experienced considerable development in European and American countries and acquired great recognition. However, as […]

How To Buy The Cheapest Mini Excavator | A Complete Buyer Guide 2022

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Introduction If you are working at a construction site or running a construction business, you should know the importance of mini excavators. From clearing and demolishing the debris to trenching and digging, these smallest excavators are capable of so much. According to construction contractors, having a mini excavator can reduce costs to do many jobs. […]

Important Terms While Importing Mini Excavator From China

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Introduction When you are importing anything from China, it is always important to understand a few things such as taxes, VAT, port charges, and customs. However, each country has different standards and requirements regarding the custom value calculation method and import duty rates. There are a lot of brands that manufacture excavators such as John […]

Buying vs. Renting a Mini Excavator. What Is the Right Choice For You?

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Mini Excavators are gaining tremendous popularity in today’s construction industry owing to their versatility and efficiency. These compact excavators are very useful in a wide range of applications such as trenching, landscaping, demolition, and many others. Maybe this is the reason why many people nowadays are looking to buy a mini excavator that can get […]

Micro Excavator – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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Introduction Have you purchased a mini excavator but now worrying about its maintenance? Or do you need guidance about the compact excavator’s size, operating weight, speed, servicing, models, testing, and making money through it? This ultimate FAQ guide has brief and to-the-point answers to all your concerns. Just continue reading till the end. Table Of […]

Top Mini Excavator Brands Taking Chinese Market By Storm

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The excavator market has taken china by storm for some time now. However, the question is what is it that’s driving this incredible growth?  For one, China’s vast and ever-growing construction industry is demanding more and more mini excavators. And with Chinese manufacturing prowess, many of the world’s top mini excavator brands are now based […]

What Should We Know Before Buying a Mini Excavator?

A mini excavator is a popular type of construction equipment, often used for digging and excavating. Excavators are available in a variety of sizes and can be operated by either gasoline or diesel engines. However, the dilemma is how to choose the excavator that is worth your money? One of the key things to consider […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Mini Excavators-The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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Introduction Compact excavators are largely manufactured by different manufacturers and suppliers in the world. Some of these manufacturing brands are John Deere, bobcat, Kubota & Hitachi. Small excavator machines, also known as zero tail swing excavators, are becoming popular these days due to their different benefits. If you are looking for a mini excavator, but […]

Is It Worth Importing Mini Excavators From China?

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Introduction The mini excavator that you know has grown out of almost 140 years. In the late 1800s, it was figured out that hydraulic force can be very helpful for digging applications. It was the time when manufacturers started developing excavators of different sizes. At first, cabled excavators were developed. Then, the hydraulic excavators got […]

13 Factors to Know When Choosing the Right Mini Excavator For Your Projects

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There are many different models and manufacturers of mini excavators on the market today, which can make choosing the right one for your needs a daunting task.  So, take some time to learn about the different features and options available as this will help you to understand your own needs. This way you can easily […]

An Ultimate Guide to Buying A Mini Excavator from China 


Introduction Mini excavators are gaining popularity in the market due to their versatility, flexibility to fit in any space, and extensive applications for big projects.  Some famous brands such as Caterpillar, John Deere, and Kubota are the leading manufacturers of mini excavators. The products of them have been proven of high quality and got a […]