Top Mini Excavators Brands That You Need To Know in 2022

top mini excavator brands of 2022


Are you looking for mini excavators for trenching, backfilling, leveling, drilling and gardening? Here you will learn a lot about mini excavators and their brands. All you need is to keep reading the article till the end. Excavators are prevalent moving vehicles with buckets, arms, rotating cabs, and moveable tracks.

The features of the little digger provide superior digging power and mobility and allow this construction equipment to perform various functions. When it comes to digging, a mini excavator of 3000-3,999 pounds can dig a 7.8-foot deep hole. From digging trenches and breaking holes to lifting away waste in agriculture or construction, an excavator can perform a variety of tasks. 

This best mini excavator is also called a compact excavator and is best for small jobs.

small excavator

A compact excavator has a maximum life span of about 10,000 hours, whereas heavy use and lack of maintenance can quickly reduce it to about 8,000 hours. Operating a mini excavator at job sites isn’t that difficult; however, it is similar to driving a car. With some knowledge and care, you can quickly get the task done. 

Looking for the best excavator brand? Here are some top mini excavator brands you need to know in 2022.


Kubota – Best Mini Household Excavator

Kubota is one of the few brands successfully selling agricultural machinery. If you’re working on a small farm, the Kubota KX161-3 compact excavator is the best. With its 47 horsepower engine and 2,200 pounds, it can easily pick up 4,000 pounds of boulders and dig almost 12.6 feet.

small excavator

At 7.4 feet in height and 9 feet in length, this excavator allows the pile-up of all kinds of wastes such as trees, rocks, and dirt on the work side. It also provides a 360-degree swing of the arm and moveable tracks, which make the drive easier. Kubota KX161-3 is also best for landscapes.

Takeuchi – The Amazing Choice

While looking for a compact excavator brand Takeuchi provides us with the TB135 mini excavator, which is 7831 pounds and can dig about 11.2 feet. A good feature of TB135 is its max loading height, around 12.5 feet. It also offers two speeds of travel for different surfaces. 

small excavator

The diesel engines of Takeuchi are of prime importance. Takeuchi has been making equipment for more than a half-century. The TB135 also has a fully tilting cab which makes maintenance easier. Its big bucket can hold a lot of rocks and makes work very easy. 

Bobcat – The Best Budget Option

Bobcat is another famous brand that gained a reputation for well-designed excavators. Their best budget option is Bobcat E26. It can help you to get the most of your work done at reasonable prices. With the expense of around 40,000$, you can get all the features and attachment options that other larger models contain. 

small excavator

It accommodates you with everything from augers, breakers, grading, grapples, and blades, making it a very versatile option that saves you a lot of money. It offers both durability and performance, which you are looking for. It also provides you with a cylinder inside Boom workgroup, which adds protection against bucket collision. 

John Deere – Most Professional Choice

Here is another brand that offers a wide range of customization options to ensure you get a perfect compact excavator. This John Deere‘s G series gives you multiple options to get a great deal. The G series accommodates multiple attachments with sizes ranging from 1,720 pounds 17G to 6,154 pounds 60G.

small excavator

But a 35G great option is available for customization, durability, and ease to use. The best feature it gives is the conversion between an excavator and backhoe-style controls. It automatically slows down while taking a heavier load. The cab is made in a way that makes visibility easier during navigation.

Caterpillar – The Outstanding Choice & Most Preferred 

Caterpillar is the best-known brand for its reliability and quality. The construction machinery and compact excavators give you no exception. It has more than 24 different models you can choose from. Caterpillar provides mini hydraulic excavators that can lift between 1 to 10 metric tons.

small excavator

The 300.9D compact excavator is the most durable, with a width of 2.4 feet and 13 horsepower. It is perfect to work in small and tight spaces. It can adjust through your doorways. Because it is just 2,000 pounds, it is easily moveable and very adaptable. 

Yanmar – The Best Overall 

Yanmar’s ViO35_6A gives tough competition with its 20% less fuel consumption than other models. It has auto-detection modes. The best feature of Yanmar ViO35_6A offers tail swing capability, which makes it a prevalent model in the market. This, along with the accessible access engine compartment and quick coupler system.

small excavator

These features make it a good choice. The model also has a maximum digging depth of  11.20 feet with a weight of 8,214 pounds and a 24.4 horsepower engine. It is small enough to navigate through tight worksites. It can take on a variety of landscaping and construction tasks.

Komatsu – The Global Leader From Japan

Komatsu PCO1-1 is currently holding the top spot for the world’s smallest excavators. This Japanese company is offering you popular models with 840 pounds weight. The tiny machine offers a 3.5 horsepower engine and amazingly 3.5 feet digging depth, whereas it is only 2 feet wide. It is perfect for a yard job because of its size & versatility

small excavator

 It allows handling smaller jobs like pipe laying and confined urban construction projects. It is very lightweight and an excellent option for customization and ease of use. Unfortunately, Komatsu is not providing PCO1-1 in the U.S.

Click here to watch the video for the best brands. 

Right Mini Excavators Brand To Choose For Your Project 

After reading the article, you may have understood the importance of the best excavator machines for your project. But still, picking the right compact excavator with precision may be difficult with the adversity of choices available. Let me tell you a few points which will make your decision easier.

Factors to consider before buying a compact excavator

  • Machine size and operating weight
  • Load carrying ability 
  • Price
  • Engine power
  • Type of equipped swing boom

small excavator

The wisest thing while selecting your machine is the assurance that your product can meet and control your requirements. The project location is also crucial. You need the right equipment to dig, lift, and carry everything on the worksite. For tight spaces, you might consider small excavators.

An essential feature worth considering is the “ZERO TAIL SWING,” which means the excavator I’d be able to rotate. This feature allows the excavator to work in congested areas. Moreover, the tail swing often reduces the operational capability. Mini excavators have versatile uses because of the variety of attachments.

small excavator

There are some additional attachments you can use with a mini excavator:

  • Breaker
  • Bucket
  • Munchers 
  • Rippers 

The site and location of your project can affect the type of mini excavator you need. If your work site is tight, it can set multiple obstacles. You may need a compact excavator with zero tail swing. It is also easy to transport. The best part is that you don’t need to hire an operator and do the tasks by yourself easily.

A few types of terrain may require a particular track. While most of the mini excavators come with rubber tracks. In that case, you should choose an excavator with metal tracks. They are suitable for uneven and muddy surfaces.

small excavator

The cost of the machine is another feature you need to consider. Unfortunately, prices can sometimes become a limiting factor. Consider getting multiple selections from equipment retailers that match your machine with the requirements of your project and budget. 

Right Size Of Mini Excavator To Choose For Your Project

The right size of your excavator merely depends upon your working space. The project location matters a lot. The machine you pick must be able to meet your digging, lifting, and action needs. It must fit into your workspace. The smallest compact7 excavator is perfect to handle your job.

The compact excavators ranging from 3,000-4,500 pounds are the best for small spaces. A machine in this size range is perfect for everything from removing dumps to digging holes and leveling driveways. They are appropriate for working in tight spaces. 

This class of excavators can dig up to 8.5 feet deep, and load dumps more than 10 feet in the air. There is no such classification that explains the mini excavator sizes. The compact excavator dimensions such as height, length, and width are the features that affect its working ability. Whether it fits in the working space

small excavator

Each manufacturer produces a chart for mini excavators. You must consider the job site and the project details to get the best excavator. Never buy anything which is now complete, filing your demands altogether.

If you want to purchase a mini excavator with affordable prices and high quality, you should try importing from China. An interesting thing to note is that the Chinese are famous for trading high-quality products and exporting to other countries. You can get customized mini excavators at a very competitive price in the market. 

However, with the increasing demand for Chinese products, the number of manufacturers is also increasing. This is making it hard to find the proper manufacturer from China. If you really want to import mini excavators from China at affordable prices then you should consider buying from us. We can always provide you with the best solutions.  Click here to know about our products.


Mini Excavators are the perfect tools for your projects in a tight space. They save your energy and money and provide you with the best results. However, choosing the proper manufacturer is always essential. It not only helps to ease your work but saves your time.  

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