Frequently Asked Questions about Mini Excavators-The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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Compact excavators are largely manufactured by different manufacturers and suppliers in the world. Some of these manufacturing brands are John Deere, bobcat, Kubota & Hitachi. Small excavator machines, also known as zero tail swing excavators, are becoming popular these days due to their different benefits. If you are looking for a mini excavator, but don’t have proper guidance. This blog is going to solve all your problems. Just continue reading!

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What Size Is A Mini Excavator?

What Are The Main Maintenance Issues For Mini Excavators?

What Is The Difference Between A Backhoe And An Excavator?

What Are The Benefits for Small Diggers Wholesale from China?

What Are Top 10 Reasons To Have A Mini Excavator?

What Kind Of Attached Tools Could Be Equipped To The Mini Diggers?

What Are The Advantages Of A Mini Excavator? 

Is It Easy To Use Mini excavators?

How to Turn Your Compact Excavator Into a Profit Stream?

How Much Can You Do With A Mini Excavator?

How Much Dirt Can A Mini Excavator Move?

How Much Weight Can A Mini Excavator Lift?

How deep can a mini digger dig?

How much is a mini excavator?

How much money can you make with an excavator?

How do I start a small excavator business?

FAQs Of Mini Excavators

1. What Size Is A Mini Excavator?

Mini excavators are kept into a category of operating weights under 9,999 lbs (4353 kg). The smallest size of a mini excavator is so small that it can easily get fit through a doorway. The bucket size of these mini excavators is almost 12 to 24 inches. Moreover, it can tackle different jobs easily by replacing the bucket.

However, the size of mini excavators still depends upon the manufacturers. Different manufacturers can have different models of mini excavators of different sizes. Most manufacturers label their small excavators as compact excavators. Such excavators possess a cut-off weight of 18,000 lbs. It is also a possibility that your manufacturer might be categorizing compact and small excavators under the same category.

operating weights

2. What Are The Main Maintenance Issues For Mini Excavators?

You have to maintain your mini excavators as their biggest counterparts. If you don’t maintain your mini excavator, it may not perform well and waste your money as well as time. However, there are some maintenance issues with your mini excavator, that are listed below:

You need to adjust the rubber tracks of your mini excavators to maintain the track tension. For this purpose, you have to read the operator manual.

The bushings and pins should be greased on a daily basis. You can check the amount of grease required and the targeted grease point through the operator manual.

Most people neglect proper drive boxes while servicing their mini excavators. You have to oil at an interval of around 1000 hours.

You need to change the hydraulic oil even if it looks clean. It can affect the performance of your mini excavator if you put in the wrong or contaminated hydraulic oil.

maintenance issues

3. What Is The Difference Between A Backhoe And An Excavator?

The main difference when you compare a backhoe and an excavator is the size. Excavators are large and heavy while backhoe is lightweight and small machinery. If you want something for large-scale industrial construction projects then choose excavators. On the other hand, the backhoe can be used for medium-scale excavation projects.

Excavators are used for projects such as demolitions, driving piles, mining, rock blasting, etc.

Backhoes are most suitable for projects such as landing jobs, snow removal, and farming.

backhoe and an excavator

4. What Are The Benefits for Small Diggers Wholesale from China?

China has a large industry of mini excavators with different manufacturers. You get your desired Quality and model at affordable prices. The micro excavators in China can also be customized based on your requirements. The manufacturers prefer the satisfaction of their clients, therefore, you get what you want easily. This is how their services exceed your expectations.


5. What Are the Top 10 Reasons To Have A Mini Excavator?

You want a mini excavator for your construction projects but you don’t really know about it. This is why you should know the top 10 reasons for owning a mini excavator. Watch this video to clearly know why you should have a mini excavator:

 top 10 reasons

6. What Kind Of Attached Tools Could be Equipped To The Mini Diggers?

The small size of micro excavators makes them ideal for being used in tight spaces. You can attach different types of equipment and rent them as well. No matter what is the purpose for which you are using your mini excavator, you just need to get the right attachment for it. Some attachments that you can equip with your mini excavator, are listed below :

Hydraulic thumb

Trenching bucket

Hydraulic breaker

Quick coupler

Plate compactors

Auger attachment

Grading buckets

Tilt rotator

Angle tilt bucket

Heavy-duty buckets

While performing your job with a mini excavator, you should be able to figure out the right attachment. For this purpose, you need to research the job site conditions and requirements of the task.


7. What Are The Advantages Of A Mini Excavator? 

Mini excavators can be easily used for different jobs due to their versatility. Apart from their versatility, there are also several advantages that make different companies prefer mini excavators. Some amazing advantages of your mini excavators are listed below:

Mini excavators are capable of navigating in tight spaces.

They don’t cause noise pollution.

Mini excavators can be transported easily.

Micro excavators are highly cost-effective.

These are so simple to operate that you may easily train your staff to use them.

These small diggers have the exceptional performance to handle tough jobs.

Compact excavators are capable of performing a large variety of jobs by just changing the attachments.


8. Is It Easy To Use Mini Excavators?

Small excavators are easily operated especially around other vehicles and objects. You can operate them through tough & crowded lots. These compact excavators are easy to use due to their lightweight. You can transport them to your desired location without any difficulty. This indicates that they have a higher level of maneuverability.

Is It Easy To Use Mini Excavators?

9. How to Turn Your Compact Excavator Into a Profit Stream?

Small excavators are highly efficient and cost-effective digging machines. However, you can perform a large variety of tasks through it by pairing it with the right attachment. If you are looking to turn your small excavator into a profitable stream, then you should try the jobs listed below:

Your compact excavators can be ideally used for breaking and demolishing jobs.

You can use small excavators to clear the area for new development. It is because the micro excavators are capable of dragging, pulling, and grabbing the undergrowth of roots from the ground.

Your mini excavators are also used for compressing the soil after the digging procedure. This can help in an increased return on investment.

Your small excavators are also responsible for loading and unloading tractor loaders. It can include the loading of wall blocks, lumber, and pavers.

Another way to increase profit through your compact excavator is to prepare a site for planting and paving.

Profit Stream?

10. How Much Can You Do With A Mini Excavator?

The applications of your mini excavators depend upon their size as well as model. Generally, your mini excavators are considered ideal for grading, leveling, backfilling, trenching, digging, and drilling.

You can dig a hole of 7.8-foot depth through a micro excavator with an operating weight of 3000-3,999 pounds.

Other projects that mini excavators can do are:

Installation of pools and tubs

Sewer lines repairing

Removal or installation of plants

Small structures breaking and demolishing

Landscaping, Drainage, or drilling.

★ How Much Can You Do With A Mini Excavator?

11. How Much Dirt Can A Mini Excavator Move?

The amount of dirt that a mini excavator depends upon various factors. These factors are listed below:

Soil moisture content

Soil density

Soil type

Weight of soil per cubic meter

Location of digging

The load-bearing capacity of your mini excavator.

If you are excavating on hard soil then it might cost you several days to complete the job. On the other hand, digging the ordinary soil is quite easy and you can move 40 cubic yards per hour.

Simple trenching and landscaping tasks can be completed easily.

★ How Much Dirt Can A Mini Excavator Move?

12. How Much Weight Can A Mini Excavator Lift?

The weight lifting off your mini excavator depends upon the capacity of your mini excavator. Before lifting the weight, you need to analyze the weight to be lifted and the location where you will place it. It is important that you should have excavator lift charts. If you maintain a distance of a 10-foot radius, then weight lifting capacity lies in a range of 430 pounds and 10,000 pounds.

Mini Excavator

13. How Deep Can A Mini Digger Dig?

The digging depth of your mini excavator depends on the model and size of your mini excavator. It may also depend on the type of attachment that you use for digging purposes. For example, standard hydraulic excavators are known to have greater digging depth.

According to experts, your mini excavator can serve most contractors easily if it has a dig depth of 4.2 meters where the working trenches are 3 meters deep. However, if your mini excavator is at least capable of digging 2 meters in-depth, it is still acceptable.

How Deep Can A Mini Digger Dig?
How Deep Can A Mini Digger Dig?

14. How Much Is A Mini Excavator?

The prices of mini excavators depend on the following factors:

Manufacturer or supplier

Country location (Since China has the most affordable prices)





The average costs of your mini excavators lie in the range of $20,000 and $90,000. However, the prices may also vary depending upon the quality and the factors listed above. It is because different manufacturers set different prices for their mini excavators. Moreover, the higher the quality, the higher will be the prices of mini excavators. If you want to customize your mini excavator, the cost may increase or decrease based on your requirements.

prices of mini excavators

15. How Much Money Can You Make With An Excavator?

If you are thinking of making money with your mini excavator, then it is not as difficult as you are thinking. There are different ways to make money with your mini excavators some of them are listed below:

Earn With An Excavator?

The most ideal way to make money with any mini excavator is to rent it. You can easily get $350 per day and get all your investment back.

You can also earn money through a mini excavator by giving demolition services on a small scale.

If you are living in an area where there falls heavy snow in winter, then you have the best time to utilize your mini excavator. You can remove snow through a mini-excavator and earn money.

You can also sell your mini excavator to get the money.

You can perform the installation of pools and tubs to earn money through a mini excavator.

Lastly, you can load and unload materials through a mini-excavator and get paid for it.

Earn With An Excavator?

16. How Do I Start A Small Excavator business?

For running your own mini excavator business in construction projects, you need to have the proper equipment, business licensing, financing, and professional licensing. You have to ensure the following procedures to start your business with a mini excavator:

First of all, you need to register your business. At this point, you need to decide on a unique business name. Once you decide on the name, you need to contact the secretary of the state who will approve it.

You have to contact local and state building departments to get the requirements for insurance as well as bonds. You will need to get a general liability policy.

The next step is to generate a business plan for your mini excavator business.

How Do I Start A Small Excavator business?

Then you have to do the following steps :

Excavator startup

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