Is It Worth Importing Mini Excavators From China?

import mini excavator from china


The mini excavator that you know has grown out of almost 140 years. In the late 1800s, it was figured out that hydraulic force can be very helpful for digging applications. It was the time when manufacturers started developing excavators of different sizes.

At first, cabled excavators were developed. Then, the hydraulic excavators got more popular due to their strength. WG Armstrong and CO first manufactured the hydraulic excavator that was used to run through water. Then Kilgore manufacturers developed a hydraulic excavator that used hydraulic fluid to work. In the 1960s, people in Japan realized that large excavators aren’t easily fitted into different construction sites. This was the time when mini excavators were introduced into the market. It was YANMAR Construction company that first introduced the self-propelled mini-excavator into the market. They made improvements with the time that pressurized other companies to develop mini excavators, e.g Kubota.

Among different countries in the world, Europe countries introduced mini excavators with high quality but higher prices as well. On the other hand, Chinese companies started manufacturing mini excavators that are affordable as well as high quality.

People mostly worry when buying their mini excavators from China. It is because the Chinese have very affordable prices. People think that manufacturers in China might give them low-quality excavators. However, the quality is very high since manufacturers in China properly follow quality standards.

Mini excavator

Different European and Asian countries prefer to import their small excavators from China. However, it is important to know about the guidelines to import from China. There are several reasons to explain why people love to buy their machinery from China. Due to a lack of proper knowledge, people get confused to know about whether it is worth importing a small excavator from China or not. 

This guide will highlight all the important factors involved in importing your mini excavators from China. Moreover, you will be able to decide in the end whether you really need to import from China or not. Continue reading!

Mini excavator

Chinese Provinces Manufacturing Mini Excavators

China is known for manufacturing different kinds of machinery and exporting them across the globe. However, there are certain provinces known for the manufacturing of certain types of machinery in China. Therefore, having knowledge of provinces that manufacture mini excavators can narrow down your research process. Some major provinces manufacturing mini excavators from China are enlisted below:


Dongguan, Guangdong

Qingdao, Shandong

Tai’an, Shandong

Xuzhou, Jiangsu

Ningbo, Zhejiang

Shenyang, Liaoning

Kunshan, Jiangsu

Shanghai, Shanghai

Wenzhou, Zhejiang

Jinan, Shandong

All these provinces are not only known for supplying ad manufacturing compact excavators but also some other construction-related light-duty, medium-duty, ad heavy-duty machines.

Import small excavator from China

Information To Know Before Buying Mini Excavators From China

Before importing your mini digger from China, it is important to have knowledge about government regulations, necessary documents, and customs bonds. If you are new to buying your mini excavator from China, then this part includes informative knowledge about mentioned topics. Just continue reading!

Import small excavator from China

Government Regulations For Importing Machinery From China

Governments of different countries set particular standards for inspection of goods imported or exported from their country. You should have knowledge about government regulations regarding the import of your mini excavator from China. You should compare these regulations with your country. For example, Environmental Protection Agency performs special inspections for tractors as well as mini excavators.

If you aren’t aware of government import regulations in your country, you can contact a licensed customs broker. Such a person can prove to be a real help for you. Now you have to move to the next step necessary for importing your mini excavator from China; the Documents required for mini excavator importing.

Quality checks

Important Documents Required For Importing Mini Excavator From China

Whenever you buy heavy machinery from any other country, you always need some documents so that an authentic deal is conducted between you and the manufacturer. The same case needs to be followed when buying a mini excavator. Some documents that are necessary for importing a mini excavator from China, are listed below :

Import small excavator from China

1. Arrival Notice.

You have to give your arrival notice to the manufacturer. If you don’t know anything about it, you can consult a shipping agent. A shipping agent is an expert in creating arrival notices.

The arrival notice is something that lets the importer deliver your mini excavator to its exact destination.

The arrival notice also includes other factors such as transported cargo units, the items included in each unit, and the pickup charges.

2. Bill of lading

It is a document delivered to the owner of the mini excavator by the carrier of the mini excavator. It serves as a payment promise between the two parties. It includes the estimated time of arrival, a form of transportation, and the destination of the item.

Import small excavator from China

3. Packing list

The packing list is given by the shipper of the mini excavator. It includes information related to the invoice for your mini excavator. The packing list is reviewed by the CBP officer.

Commercial invoice of mini excavator

It plays an important role in purchasing your mini excavator or any other machinery from China. You have to ensure that your commercial invoice includes the following :

Address of shipping the mini excavator

Location as well as the name of the manufacturer from whom you bought the mini excavator

Location as well as the name of the receipt

Country from which mini excavator is imported

Address of the business

Description of goods purchased. For example, a mini-excavator.

4. Custom Bonds For Mini Excavator Importing From China

First of all, you need to be clear about what is a customs bond. It is actually an agreement between three parties; the importer or shipper, CBP, and the surety company. It works as a security that all the payments related to imported machinery will be made with authenticity. Basically, there are two types of customs bonds.

Custom Bonds For Mini Excavator Importing From China

Single-entity custom bonds

This kind of customs bond is prepared for that machinery that involves low risk, low costs, and lightweight factors. However, you need to prepare separate single entity custom bonds for every new item. This type of customs bond isn’t suitable for importing your mini excavator from China.

Continuous entity custom bonds

This type of customs bond is more suitable for items that are heavy duty and involve more costs and more risks. Moreover, continuous entity custom bonds are created for those people who plan to import machinery more than four times a year. If you are planning to import your mini excavator from China then you should prefer a continuous customs bond.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Importing Mini Excavator From China

Although you see thousands of different products being imported from China to your country, people are still fearful of buying from China, The giant Asian country. To make it clear why you should import from China, some main advantages and disadvantages are listed below :

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Importing Mini Excavator From China

Advantages Of Importing Mini Excavator From China

1. Reduced Costs

This is the first and the main reason why a lot of companies prefer China. The costs of mini excavators are quite affordable when imported from China as compared to other Asian countries. Manufacturing and supplying of mini excavators in China are done with high-quality materials and low costs as compared to European countries. Although it is also true that import costs may exceed the cost of a mini excavator, it is also true that overall costs are still very low; transport cost + manufacturing cost. China’s market has a great margin since it has low costs not only in mini-excavators but so so many other heavy-duty and light-duty machinery.

Reduced Costs

2. High-quality mini excavators when compared to other countries

It is a common fact that when any company gives low costs, there are chances that the quality of the product is not good. However, the case is quite opposite when importing your mini excavator from China. You will get a high-quality product with reduced costs without any problem with the quality. If there are still quality problems, their manufacturers are always available online to help you out.

3. Can be easily imported in large quantities

When you make a decision to import your mini excavators from China, the quantity is never a problem for them. They can ship your products even in large quantities at your country’s address easily. This indicates that Chinese companies are accustomed to manufacturing giant structures and delivering them as well.

 imported in large quantities

4. Products are easily customizable

The best part about Chinese companies is that they always take care of their customer’s needs and requirements. You can share your own specifications for the mini-excavator and they can customize accordingly. This indicates that Chinese companies don’t sacrifice their customer’s desires or their corporate image.

Disadvantages of Importing Mini Excavator From China

A lot of companies face problems when they make a purchase from China. These companies then search for other trustable manufacturers in China. It should be made clear the chances of risks decrease dramatically when you deal with an expert import agent. Following listed disadvantages are some main factors people hesitate to import mini excavators from China.

1. The purchase process is a bit complex

The major disadvantage is that the purchase process of mini excavators from China is not simple. You have to go through a lot of research to select the suitable manufacturer and then follow the rest of the procedure.

The time to purchase your mini excavator can be more or less than the time of production of your mini excavator. A lot of companies complain about the complex purchase process in China. However, the process is complex only due to language issues, cultural differences, and trust issues.

2. Quality standards

Another bad disadvantage of importing your mini excavator from China is the compliance with quality standards. The product that you import into your country, may comply with Chinese quality standards. But they may not comply with the quality standards of your country. This loss can be avoided by having complete knowledge of quality standards in your country. It will save your time as well as costs while importing a mini excavator from China.

3. Possible mistakes in the purchase process

There is a large possibility of failing transactions while you make a deal with Chinese companies. There are some factors that may increase the risk of such a situation. These factors are lack of information, lack of language mastery, and low processing skills.

4. Displacement of money and time

Several different companies prefer to make deals with China to avoid large expenses and too much time consumption. They intend to control the aspects of the production process.

All these disadvantages are the major factors contributing to the situation where customers don’t trust Chinese companies. However, the best way to avoid these disadvantages is to make a deal with a highly reliable business partner.

Risks Involved In Importing Mini Excavator From China

The common risk that most people think about is that they give payment for their mini excavator but never receive the order. In reality, such a risk can is highly negligible when being compared to other risks. There are several risks that you might face when importing your mini excavator from China. However, most customers aren’t able to consider these risks. To help you know about the risks involved when importing from China, some major risks are enlisted below:

Risks Involved In Importing Mini Excavator From China

Your Mini Excavator Gets Damaged In Transit

Whenever you make a deal with Chinese companies, there are chances that your product gets damaged on the way. No matter which transportation mode you choose, you might face the risks of damaging or losing your mini excavators from China. To avoid this risk, you should get insurance for your mini excavator. Insurance proves to be a real help when covering such issues. When importing your mini excavator from China, you should make sure that your product is insured.

Your Mini Excavator Gets Damaged In Transit

You Receive Low-Quality Mini Excavator

This is another risk that you might face when importing your mini excavator from China. It can be avoided by choosing a high-quality and trustable manufacturer. If you place an order without conducting in-depth research about the manufacturer, you may end up receiving a low-quality product. You need to ask your colleagues and friends if they ordered from any high-quality manufacturer. This can save your time and money at the same time. Moreover, you can also check the reviews and feedback of your selected manufacturer on his website. You will be able to make a better decision and avoid getting the low-quality product.

You Receive Low-Quality Mini Excavator

The product causes personal harm or damage

This kind of risk is rare but it can become very dangerous if happened with your ordered product. When you import any product from China, you are most likely to take responsibility in terms of any damages and harm. Most people prefer to import products that involve low risks. However, when you are dealing with heavy construction equipment, you need to be very careful. Liability insurance can help you deal with such risks in a much better way. The liability insurance acts as a reactionary measure against any kind of harm that your product may cause.

You Receive Low-Quality Mini Excavator

You might not be able to sell it in your country.

There are certain standards and restrictions imposed on your imported product that may also restrict you to sell it in your country. You may end up purchasing a mini excavator that you may not be able to sell in your country. Moreover, you may also fail to import your ordered mini excavator from China due to a lack of quality certifications and safety standards. To avoid this risk, you should do a brief scan of your company before purchasing from them. This will help you know about their safety instructions and quality trademarks.

You might not be able to sell it in your country.

✔Competitive market reasons, a hurdle.

You may not be able to get a profit by selling your mini excavator imported from China in your country’s market. Most people consider it the biggest risk that an importer might face. For example, if you order something from a Chinese company in large amounts, then you list them on Amazon at a higher price. You might not be able to sell all the products. As a result, you might end up wasting your money. This problem can be avoided by ordering your products in small amounts first and then selling them. If you get a good experience through it, then you can place a large order after that.

Competitive market reasons, a hurdle.

The manufacturer runs with your money without delivering the product.

This is the last but least happening risk when importing your mini excavator from China. This risk is mostly considered by those people ordering for the first time from China. However, this risk is very unlikely to happen since China has very reliable systems to deal with fraudsters. This doesn’t mean that the risk cannot happen but the chances of happening are very low. While importing your mini excavator from China, you should pay attention to other risks explained above. Those risks may require a great effort to save yourself.

Fraud Altert

Total Costs In Importing Mini Excavators From China

The costs involved in imports or exports of your mini excavator from China are mainly composed of two parts. It includes the shipping cost and the cost of your mini excavator or any other product. In other words, landed costs and freight costs combined make the whole cost of importing your mini excavator from China.

The freight costs of importing your mini excavator from China are evaluated through the weight and volume of the product. This also involves the shipping method that you choose for importing your mini excavator. For example, if you analyze the freight costs of importing your mini excavator from China to the USA, you can see the following details :

  • Shipping through Air Freight costs $4 to $8 per kilo of the product.
  • Shipping through Air express costs $5 to $9 per kilo of the product.
  • Shipping through Sea freight costs $3000 to $3900 per container.

It should be noted that sea freight and air freight costs may also include the landed costs. These additional costs may arise due to transportation from the factory to the warehousing, customs clearance, or the shipping agent.

It is important to note that the shipping costs may also vary based on the shipping method you choose. The cheapest method to import your mini excavator from China is China Freight Forwarder.

Installation, Maintenance, & Services Of Mini Excavators Imported From China

Chinese mini excavator manufacturers sometimes also offer installation services overseas. However, there are very low chances that they have maintenance partners in that country. Thus, they are limited by only sending their professional engineers overseas by getting visas from the targeted country. It is very hard for a temporary Chinese worker to secure a VISA and offer their services across the globe. On the other hand, lack of quality inspection and lack of skills to install the machinery can prove to be a real disaster.

Just like any other machinery, mini excavators also need repairing, maintenance, and replacement of parts. Different Japanese, European, and American countries offer these services. Most Chinese companies left all these things to the local repairers. As a result, they end up damaging their mini excavators and wasting their money as well as time.

Lack of proper installation, maintenance, and other services is becoming a hurdle for Chinese manufacturers in developing countries.

Warranties Of Chinese Manufacturers

When importing your mini excavator from China, you should confirm its warranty from the manufacturer. Although, different companies offer proper warranties, confirming them can bring you to a safe side. If the importer of mini excavator pays the freight costs, then many Chinese companies also offer spare parts for machinery. Make sure that you take care of warranty documents and maintain the spare parts properly. Losing them can cost you a billion.

Impact Of Chinese Holidays On Importing From China

Most importers complain about the delays in the shipment of their products due to the Chinese holidays. Your mini excavator delivery can get delayed especially when it is the Chinese new year. It is to be made clear that the major ports in China are open the whole year but local transport is mostly closed during holidays. Below is a list of events when your shipment may get delay while importing from China :

New Year’s Day

Three days of early October for China’s national day

Golden week in early October

Festival of Mid Autumn

Labor Day

Dragon Boat Festival

Chinese new year

Qingming Festival.


Now that you have all the related information, you can decide by yourself whether it is worth importing your mini excavator from China or not. Major brands such as Hitachi, Bobcat, Komatsu, and John Deere also export their products across the globe. You can get a lot of help from your chosen brand while importing your mini excavator. If you want to import a high-quality and guaranteed mini excavator from China, Contact Us now.

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