How To Buy The Cheapest Mini Excavator | A Complete Buyer Guide 2022

Mini Excavator


If you are working at a construction site or running a construction business, you should know the importance of mini excavators. From clearing and demolishing the debris to trenching and digging, these smallest excavators are capable of so much.
According to construction contractors, having a mini excavator can reduce costs to do many jobs. When using manpower for such jobs, you may need to spend more money.
But most excavators also cost too much in their maintenance. Hence, you end up spending more money. This is why it is recommended to buy the cheapest mini excavators. However, even the cheapest mini excavators can have low quality. So the question arises how can you buy the high-quality cheapest mini excavator?

Mini Excavator

Only the person with an understanding and thorough research of the market can be an expert at it. Moreover, you can also find the cheapest excavator by having the knowledge of different factors. There are some factors that determine the reliability as well as the cost of the mini excavators.

Mini Excavator

Most people even give up on the idea to buy mini excavators due to their maintenance costs. You shouldn’t be among those people since this blog has something amazing for you. Here are some factors that you need to explore:

Factors Affecting Prices Of Mini Excavators

Awareness Of Brand

As mentioned earlier, you need to do thorough research to find the cheapest mini excavator. The simplest tip here is to research brands and be aware of their costs. Knowing the brand simply will help you a lot in guessing its price.

Mini Excavator price

According to research, brand awareness plays a key role in determining the costs of your mini excavator. For example, if you pick a Gucci bag that’s placed alongside another bag, you will know the Gucci bag is more expensive than the other one. In the same way, there are some mini excavator brands, some cost higher than the others.

Key Components

Some key components of your mini excavator can help to make you a pretty good guess about prices. For example, some key components are the hydraulic system, max operating weight and the engine of mini excavators. These components affect the performance as well as the cost of your mini excavator. The quality of these key components determines the cost.

Mini Excavator

If you want a mini-excavator only for digging purposes then it might be cheaper. However, if you want to buy it for some powerful jobs, it might cost higher. These jobs may include trenching, landscaping, and plantation. Such mini excavators may cost higher because you need to have a powerful engine.

Additional Features Of Mini Excavators

As mentioned earlier, you need to buy a powerful model if you want to do heavy jobs. This indicates that you need to have powerful components for your mini excavator. At this point, you may also need some additional features to perform the job with perfection.

Mini Excavator features

You may buy the cheapest mini excavators but they may not be able to fulfil all your requirements for example highest dig depth & power. Therefore, it is necessary to have some additional features. However, it is also important to know that each feature has its own cost. An extending undercarriage, extended arms, zero tail swing, and side swing boom make the excavator more expensive.

Maintenance as well as Repairment Of Mini Excavators

Apart from all the factors described above, there is one more thing that determines the cost. This is about the maintenance and frequency of your mini excavator. Yes! you read it right. The maintenance and frequency of mini excavators play an important role in determining the cost. Some cheapest mini excavators have quality problems and therefore, you end up spending more on their maintenance.

Mini Excavator maintence

At the same time, even if a machine is expensive, you will still end up spending more on its maintenance. For this purpose, you need to be aware of upfront costs and maintenance costs.

Factors Determining The Reliability Of Small Excavators

Standardized Production

Standardized production, as well as the quality of mini excavators, determine its reliability. As a matter of fact, the higher the reliability, the higher will be the cost of your mini excavator. If your mini excavator is fulfilling the requirements of standardized production and quality checks, you must know it will be expensive.

However, note that all this responsibility goes to the manufacturer from whom you buy the excavator. You don’t need to be worried about reliability if you have chosen a good manufacturer. In this case, you will also see replacement and return options for your mini excavators. This is how it works.


You must be aware of the fact that a large brand’s name on your mini excavator simply raises its price. Therefore, you should also know that when you source your machinery from large Brands, it will always cost you higher. But the interesting point is that it will also have higher reliability to choose a high-quality source.

Mini Excavator maintence

Large brands put all their efforts to manufacture reliable machines and maintain their reputation in the market. They cannot risk their reputation by manufacturing low-quality products. Therefore, choosing a famous brand is always a safe route to choosing a reliable mini excavator.

Emission Standards Of Mini Excavators

Do you know what affects the performance of your mini excavators? There are many factors that affect performance but one main factor of emission standards. Yes, you read it right. Emission standards affect the robustness as well as the performance of your mini excavators. You must be thinking that how it happens? Continue reading!

Mini Excavator maintence

Those mini excavators that are certified with Tier 4 emissions are used to reduce air emissions and burn fuel cleaners. This results in a reduction of dense byproducts produced through combustion. As a result, various potential problems in the engine are reduced. The interesting thing to note is that it also reduces the maintenance of mini excavators. Your mini excavators will be able to function more efficiently through Tier 4 emission standards.

Industrial Designing

One of the important factors in determining the reliability of mini excavators is their industrial design. Your mini excavator can have different additional features but lacking a good design can make it trash. Your mini excavator should have a reasonable industrial design if you want it to be reliable.

Mini Excavator industrial

The construction of your mini excavator determines its level of sturdiness as well as dependency.

Different Brands Of Mini Excavators & Their Prices

Knowing the prices of different mini excavator brands can help you know which brand is offering the cheapest mini excavators. With varying prices, you will see that these brands also vary in their reliability and quality of mini excavators. Some famous mini excavators brands and their prices are listed below:


This brand was established in 1925 and today it is one of the leading mini excavator brands. Since the day it was established, it is producing high-quality and reliable products. The smallest mini excavator at Caterpillar costs about $33,000 to $37,000.

Mini Excavator cat


Bobcat is considered a favourite brand of customers since they produce a large variety of excavators. The best part is that you can get the one that fits your needs easily. The cost of a Bobcat mini excavator is $20,000 to $30,000.

Mini Excavator industrial


Kubota is another famous brand of mini excavators that supplies its products across the globe. The best part about this brand is that you can buy a used Kubota excavator as well. However, a used excavator at Kubota might cost you about $18,000 while a new one costs hundreds of dollars.

Mini Excavator kutba


Yanmar mini excavators are known for having a large number of varieties. The best part is that their costs aren’t constant for every model. Rather the prices vary from model to model. However, the Yanmar brand is known for having the cheapest prices but it all depends upon the seller.

Mini Excavator yanmar


Komatsu costs you a mini excavator in the range of $30,000 to $90,000. The cost depends upon the additional features as well as the model of mini excavators. Note that Komatsu sells 6 types of mini excavators across the globe. You may ask the manufacturer to help you choose the right type based on your needs.

You may also consider buying from john deere, a famous excavator brand.

Mini Excavator komatsu

An Effective Process To Purchase A Mini Excavator

Now that you have learned about all the pricing factors, reliability factors, and different brands, what’s next? Well, now you will know about an effective way to buy the mini excavator at its best price.

The first and the easiest process is to deal with a local brand dealer. The best part about this is that you can talk to them in the face and check the mini excavator in the showroom.

The second way to buy a mini excavator is e-commerce marketplace. For example, eBay.

Last, but a little difficult way to purchase your mini excavator is to buy it from the manufacturer. It is a little complex process but proper guidance can help you purchase through it.


Mini excavators are an important part of various construction sites. Jobs that require a lot of manpower, can be done within minutes through mini excavators. This is why most people try to reduce costs by buying compact excavators. However, it is not always easy to buy the right quality and cheapest mini excavator equipment. This is why this article has been written for you. If you want to buy high-quality and customized compact excavator models at a good price, then search & Contact Us online now.


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