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 A lot of urban development was made in this era. Narrow and small urban areas required a compact option instead of heavy and large-sized machines. So, many people choose mini diggers for their job.

As we all know, mini excavators have experienced considerable development in European and American countries and acquired great recognition. However, as the small excavators’ demand is increasing day by day, many people are wondering whether they could have more options such as China’s excavators.  


The answer is Yes.

In the last decade, the manufacturing Mini Excavators has become more powerful and popular in China. After years of development, China has become the biggest Mini Excavator market in the world. The technology of small excavators in China has been very mature, the quality is high, and the price is affordable. So, choosing mini diggers from China is the right choice.

The features of China mini excavators

1: Chinese Mini Excavators’ quality

Mini excavators of the different brands are similar because these machines have similarities in the parts. It is difficult to judge the quality of an excavator from its appearance. The following could be used as a basic standard.

Hydraulic pump: The hydraulic pump resisted the vibration that is developed due to the engine’s strong power and better transformed the power source. 

Hydraulic cylinder: Chinese Mini Excavators have high-quality, high-pressure, and heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders. A high-precision quenching process is used for better pressure and full load. 

 Support shaft: The mini excavators have a strong support shaft (it is not easy to bend) Because of the high-precision quenching process. 

Bulldozing board: these machines have a 90-degree bulldozing board. It is designed to bulldoze outwards vertically. 

 Boom: The boom quality is high. The reinforced boom is not easy to break.

 Chassis: tie rod design of Chinese excavators helps to make the track more closely fit the wheels and enhances the driving force.

 Safety guard: Strong safety guards help to improve the safety of operations.

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2: Strong and up-to-date structure of Mini Excavator

Mini Digger has a power train, easy drive system, swing, control, and traveling mechanism with auxiliary equipment. These power parts are placed on the rotary table. Mini Diggers are also called full-swing hydraulic excavators. The drive system, work equipment, swing mechanism, and auxiliary devices are the main components of the Mini Excavator. A Mini Digger or excavator is divided into three main parts, work equipment, upper rotary, and traveling mechanism.

3: Multiple Uses of Chinese Mini Digger

Chinese Mini Diggers have been done multi-tasks including, drilling, excavating, digging, crushing, drain cleaning, and bulldozing. These tasks are completed with the help of different quick hitched attachments. These attachments made its utilization up great. These Mini Diggers are easy to transport and operate. In addition, these machines are flexible to work in narrow and small places.

4: The  hydraulic Mini Excavator is equipped with not only a single bucket

Mini Diggers are primarily used for agricultural purposes, landscaping, digging, transportation, demolition, concrete breaking, and others. These Machines are prepared with highly well-known brand materials, including diesel engines, main pumps, rotary motors, and travel motors. Mini Diggers have complete flexibility, durability, and guarantee.

These Excavators have many work types of equipment, like, leveling or narrow buckets, quick hitch, log grab, ripper, and auger. Mini Diggers have extraordinary qualities (Optional roof, radiator) that made them unique and up-to-date.

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5: Chinese Mini Excavator’s Performance parameters

Mini Diggers or Excavators have unique work parameters that made them more versatile and advanced.

Weight of Mini Digger and Bucket Capacity (Overall weight of the Mini Digger is 880 kg with a Standard bucket capacity of 0.025 m³)

Wheel Track with Overall length (A wheel track of a Mini Digger or Excavator is 770 mm and the Overall length of a wheel track is 1090 mm) 

Ground Clearance and Width (Ground clearance of platform is 380 mm and platform tail is 784 mm. Chassis width of a Mini Digger is 896 mm) 

Crawler width and Height (Crawler width is 170 mm and its height is 320 mm) 

Transportation length and Overall height (Transportation length is 2770 mm and Overall height is 1330 mm)

Work range of a Mini Digger 

A Mini Digger or Excavator has a multi-work range capacity, including digging, uploading, unloading, and lifting 

(Maximum digging radius on the ground is 2850 mm)(Maximum digging depth is 1650 mm) (Maximum digging height is 2610 mm) (Maximum unloading height is 1850 mm) (Maximum vertical digging depth is 1375) (Minimum swing radius is 1330 mm) (Maximum lifting height of dozer blade is 345 mm) (Maximum digging depth of dozer blade is 255 mm)

6: Work principle of Chinese Mini Excavators 

The diesel engine of a micro digger has excellent changing performance (chemical energy into mechanical energy). In this systematic way, energy is distributed to each element including, the hydraulic cylinder, swing, and traveling motor. In the end, each element transforms the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. This energy is used for driving the work equipment. A Mini excavator adopted different power routes for work tasks.

Traveling power route:

Swing power route

Boom power route

Arm power route

Bucket power route

Advantages of Mini Excavators

Mini excavators are used for multiple types of jobs. Due to their versatility, these machines have many advantages that made them the favorite of users and companies. Chinese mini diggers have remarkable benefits with their superior performance.

Best Navigation Capabilities

Chinese Mini Excavators are compact and can fit in yards and narrow workspaces. A large Excavator cannot operate in narrow spaces due to its large body. A Mini Digger or Excavator can rotate and turn efficiently in small sites.

Decreased Noise Pollution

A large excavator is making a lot of noise while working. A small digger is a quieter machine. It is the best advantage, never produce noise in a public place or residential area. 

Transportation Flexibility

Chinese Mini Diggers or Excavators have lightweight and small sizes. These excavators are easily transported with the help of small trucks, from one place to another. These machines do not need too large vehicles for transportation.

Fewer Costs with Low Worksite Damage

The top advantages of mini excavators are often less costly for purchasing and rent. These machines used less fuel and saved fuel costs. In addition, these machines do not need special permits or commercial driver’s licenses for driving and transporting. Chinese Next-Generation Mini Diggers have less cost and reduced total costs by 15% less. 

Simple Operation

The operating system of Mini Diggers or Excavators is easygoing. Due to its simple operation, you can quickly operate the machine. The quick training is making to able to drive machine exactly as per need.

Exceptional Performance

Chinese Mini Diggers or Excavators are equipped with extra power energy for handling difficult jobs and maintaining reliable performance.

The weight of these machines is between 2,000 pounds and 8,000 pounds and also offers superior handling strength. These machines are manufactured with excellent engineering and made confident for long-lasting usage.


One of the primary benefits of the Chinese Mini Diggers or excavators is their functionality with different working tools or attachments. Chinese Mini Diggers or Excavators are friendly with many working tools, like buckets and hammers. 

Access to the narrow Worksite

Mini Diggers or excavators came in a multi-range of sizes and formats in the market. Mini diggers or excavators range starts from 1 tonne to 8 tonnes. These machines have two different versions – wheeled and tracked.

All-around Service

Being a customer, if you are looking for an excavator that can perform best in all working conditions, you must keep in touch with Hiosen. Our professionals and employees give a guarantee that our excavators are reliable and sustainable.

Our products give the self-assurance and confidence to deal with the hardest projects. Also, you can get free advice by filling our online form or making a call. Here are different types of excavators like Mini, Midi, Tracked, or Wheeled.

Small Chinese excavator brands are repaired and sold products at the local and international levels. The warranty period is one year. But excellent sellers offer more extended warranty, almost 18 months. During this period, quality problems will be actively resolved, and accessories will be mailed. 

  1. High market recognition accessories are used in mini excavators.
  2. Provide the daily maintenance of the excavator for avoiding unnecessary damage.
  3. Chinese excavator is more convenient to maintain and a maintenance manual will be provided.

Warmly welcome to contact us for more details.

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