Everything you should know about the cheapest mini excavator

Everything you should know about the cheapest mini excavator

How to find the cheapest mini excavator with reliable performance in the market?

If you’re into the construction business, A mini excavator is an absolute need for you. From digging and trenching to determining and clearing out the debris, the compact machines are good enough for so many tasks. For any contractor or construction company, having a mini excavator can significantly bring down the cost by taking over a lot of tasks that would otherwise need a lot of manpower. However while it pays off well in the long run, most mini excavators cost a lot upfront when you are making the purchase. Does that mean you should give up the idea of buying one? Certainly not. What you need to do is find cheaper models which fit your budget not compromising on performance. So, how do you find the cheapest mini excavator which correctly does the job for you? It can be achieved through research and an understanding of the market. For this, you must be aware of what determines the cost and reliability of a certain model of mini excavator. Let’s explore both of these factors simultaneously. This article got everything you should know about the cheapest mini excavator.

Factors affecting the price of mini excavators:

Brand awareness:

When you have done your research and got a clear idea about the mini excavator brand, it will enable you to take a pretty good guess at its cost. As is the case with all other things, brand awareness is one of the key elements which determine the cost of anything. Just like you would expect a Gucci bag to cost much more than a bag that you picked up at target. Same as this, a mini excavator made by a bigger brand will be more expensive than one by a relatively new and small brand.

Everything you should know about the cheapest mini excavator

Key components:

The key components or parts of a mini excavator such as the engine and hydraulic system also play a role in determining the price. These elements don’t only directly affect the performance of a mini excavator but the quality of these components also determines the cost. If you only need an average mini excavator which does a little bit of digging then you might be able to get it for cheap. But if you’re looking for some serious trenching work then you will have to bring in the big guns with a more powerful engine and hydraulic system. And of course, this upgrade comes at a price.

Additional features

The cheapest mini excavators are capable of a lot, but you might have other requirements that they do not fulfill. If a standard-built mini excavator is unable to do the job you want to get done, you will need to look at one that comes with additional features. A side swing boom, zero tail swing, extended arms, or an extending undercarriage each additional appendage makes the machine more expensive.

Maintenance and repair

Last but not the least, the frequency and need for maintenance and repair of a mini excavator also decide its final cost to a great extent. A machine that requires little to no servicing between uses is one that will be priced higher in the market but end up costing you much less in the long run. Conversely, mini excavators that need constant maintenance have less of an upfront cost.

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Factors determining the reliability of mini excavator:


It’s true that simply having the name of the big brand on a piece of equipment can significantly raise its price so we must accept that machinery sourcing from big brand components is of much higher quality than that from an unknown. It’s because the big brand needs to maintain its reputation in the market, and can’t risk it by producing substandard equipment. So if you’re looking to make a hassle-free purchase, opting for a well-known brand is always the safer route. Sourcing routes like Kubota and Yanmar are particularly known for their powerful engines. Likewise, the hydraulic components of Shimadzu, Hyde, Doosan, and Eaton remain unmatched by any other.

Standardized production:

A mini excavator from a big brand ensures standardized production and quality checks of their equipment automatically become reliable. With the company doing all the necessary tests for you, you don’t have to worry that the piece you buy might turn out to be faulty. And in the rare case that it does, there are always replacement and return options in the place with equipment.

Reasonable industrial design:

If your mini excavator has multiple additional features but lacks a well-designed core, you might as well trash it now. For a mini excavator to be reliable, it needs to be built on a reasonable industrial design. The construction of the equipment itself is a very important factor in determining how sturdy and dependable it will be.

Everything you should know about the cheapest mini excavator

Emission standard

The emission standard of your compact excavator does not only affect the environment, but also the performance and robustness of your machine. Mini excavators that are Tier 4 certified (EPA 4) are designed to burn fuel cleaner and reduce air emissions. This minimizes the dense byproducts of combustion from settling in the bottom of the fuel tank during cold weather conditions and causing potential problems in the engine. Hence, your excavator needs less frequent cleaning and maintenance in between uses.

How to buy the cheapest mini excavator:

Buying a mini excavator from its origin is the most cost-effective and reliable way to make the purchase. For this, you can either get in touch with the manufacturers themselves or import your machine through an international brand dealer. Here are the steps to buying a cheap mini excavator.

  • Find a dealer/manufacturer
  • Get a quote
  • Make an international payment
  • Find a custom agent.
  • Deliver the cargo
  • Get it in the destination port
  • Unloading at the door

When it comes to making the actual purchase, there are multiple ways you can go about the whole thing.

Local brand dealer:

The first and probably the most popular way to buy a mini excavator is to make the purchase through your local brand dealer. Once you know which mini excavator you want to buy, you can simply visit the showroom in your area and get the process started.

Everything you should know about the cheapest mini excavator

E-commercial marketplace:

Another way to get your hands on the mini excavator of your choice would be to source through the e-commerce marketplaces such as eBay. Here, you can find a lot of different deals on the item of your choice. If you are interested in buying a used model and are looking for a competitive price, this is a good place to do some research.

Directly from the manufacturer:

Lastly, you can purchase a mini excavator right where it comes from the manufacturer himself. There are multiple advantages to sourcing your heavy equipment from its country of origin. Let us explore this option a little more in the following paragraphs.

Brands to buy the cheapest mini excavators:

Bobcat excavators:

Bobcat is one of the leaders in the industry. They’ve built their reputation on performance and dependability. Since creating the skid-steer loader, they claim that they created the entire compact equipment industry. And since its creation, they’ve been the leader in the industry. Bobcat has a broad line of mini excavators for you to choose from. Finding a used mini excavator in good quality would be a fantastic steal.

Caterpillar excavators:

Caterpillar inc. is also one of the leaders in the construction and mining equipment field. They provide valuable services throughout their products’ life cycles, guaranteeing customer satisfaction all throughout. What sets Caterpillar apart from other companies is its attention to its cutting-edge technology and decades of product expertise. Like Bobcat, Caterpillar also offers an expansive line of mini excavators in a variety of weights ranging from 1 to 10 tons.

Everything you should know about the cheapest mini excavator

Komatsu excavators:

Komatsu is a Japanese company established in 1921 and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy-duty construction, manufacturing, and compact construction equipment. It offers six different excavators that can be considered mini Komatsu hydraulic excavators are some of the highest quality ones with fantastic cabs, too.


Kubota excavators:

Kubota is yet another brand with reliable compact excavators. The Kubota Company goes by its motto, “For Earth, For Life.” This is a dedication to engineering excellence to deliver reliable quality to all their customers to focus on their craft. They too have a wide array of compact excavators for your choosing.

John Deere excavators:

Last, but certainly not least, is the John Deere Company. John Deere is one of the oldest companies, being around since 1837. Their company has a very strong focus and connection with land and farming, starting out by making tools to make farmers’ lives easier. Like the previous brands, they also supply compact excavators at different weights. With any of these brands mentioned, you can be assured of the quality of the mini excavator you’re getting. Of course, that also depends on how these machines were cared for (assuming you get a used excavator). If you find affordable, good-quality, used mini excavators from the brands mentioned above, you should consider that a huge win.

Is it a good option to buy a used mini excavator?

 With the vast differences in the cost of a new and used mini excavator, sometimes you might be tempted to go for a second-hand option. But is that really a good idea? What are the pros and cons of buying a tiny digger that has had a previous owner? And what tips should you keep in mind when making such a purchase? Read on below to know if buying a used mini excavator is actually worth the hassle.

Advantages of buying a used mini excavator:

  • Cheaper prices
  • Gets the job done just as well as a brand-new machine
  • By cutting down the carbon footprint that the manufacturing process of heavy equipment leaves, you are playing your part in helping the planet

Disadvantages of buying a used mini excavator:

  • Compromised reliability
  • No warranty, customer support, or replacements
  • May not be as efficient as a new excavator

Everything you should know about the cheapest mini excavator

Tips when buying a used micro excavator:

If you are looking to buy a used micro excavator, you need to be much more vigilant about the purchase you are making. When looking at used machines, the first thing to consider is how heavily they have been used and what is their average lifespan. If they are close to being out of order, they might not be worth investing in. You do not want to skimp out on the upfront cost only to spend thousands on repairs and maintenance every few weeks. You must also take the physical condition of the excavator you want to buy into account. Even if the engines and hydraulics are significant, a frame that is falling apart can render your machine useless until a good amount is spent on repairs and replacements.

Mini Excavator FAQs:

How many hours does a mini excavator last?

As long as the machine is well maintained and not expected to lift more than it‘s designed, you can expect it to last for many years of continuous use. However, skid-steers often wear out faster than wheeled models. Furthermore, many owners trade in mini excavators at 2000 to 2500 hours. Because the price they can get for it goes a long way to buying an updated one.

How often do you grease a mini excavator?

You should check engine and hydraulic oils, water, and fuel daily. However, always carry out general grease lubrication on pivot points using good quality grease as often as the manufacturer recommends. Lubrication intervals and instructions are in the operating manual. They typically include the boom, dipper, and bucket, as well as all the pins.

How long do mini excavators track last?

Their lifespan depends on how well you have maintained the tracks and what terrain the excavator typically encounters. However, well-maintained trails on normal soil surfaces typically last from 800 to 1,000 hours.


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