An Expert’s Guide To Buying The Right Mini Excavator

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Basic Introduction

Are you looking for a digger that must be able to work easily in small places and manage the excavating job? This article is all about a small excavator, a perfect digging technology to work on a small site.

The definition of a small excavator is quite simple: “It can make your job process easy by digging precisely at small targeted spots”. The other words used for a little excavator are compact excavator, small excavator, or mini digger. It is an important technology to be used at various engineering spots.

If you are looking to buy the best china excavator, this blog is going to make the process easy. The blog has highlighted the main factors required to keep in mind when you are looking for the best mini digger. However, before moving to the main factors, it is important to know about the applications of this technology.

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Applications Of Small Excavator

Seeing the small size of your small excavator, you must be wondering about what can be the applications of this small technology. Having a weight of only 1-2 tons with an amazing power capacity of 10kW, small diggers look like an amazing toy for kids but they can be very useful for handling large jobs at your site. Small excavators are a great source to enable you to enhance the maneuverability in residential yards or tight campuses. Moreover, it has a large number of applications due to its peak performance and low maintenance. This indicates that your small excavator is ready to be used for different engineering tasks.

Small excavators are most commonly used for landscaping, construction works, light demo, stump removal, material handling, and much more. However, some most common applications are given below :

Digging at site

Roadside applications

Installation of hot tubs and pools


Tree harvesting

Demoing the small building projects

Village Trenching

Pavement breaking

Holes drilling in your building

Tunnel construction, and much more

Different Factors To Look For When Buying A Mini Digger

You have to make your decision among different types, sizes, brands, and so many other options to get the perfectly right small excavator. Luckily, this blog has some well-researched factors to help you buy an excavator according to your requirements.

You can buy your compact excavator in all sorts of configurations, comfort levels, and operating weights. However, some main factors are listed below :

Size & Power Of Mini Digger

Safety & Comfort of Mini Digger

Important Attachments Of Small excavator machinery

Warranties, Deals, and Different Manufacturers (Costs)

Features Of Your excavator machinery

The details about your site, such as the working capacity.

These factors are explained in detail as under :


a)   Size and Power Of Mini Digger

Mini diggers are a great source for handling a large variety of tasks in the construction industry varying from breaking up rocks in demo tasks to moving decoration pieces in large projects as well as installations of underground utilities at your site.

When talking about the size and power of your mini digger, it basically depends upon the manufacturer as well as the customization details of the machinery. The sizes of your mini digger range between 0 and 8 metric tons while those lying between 3 and 4 metric tons are considered the most suitable choice. However, you have to select the size considering a few factors.

After researching different resources, it has been decided by experts to check the following points while choosing the right sized mini digger :

✓Depth of digging

✓The Capacity of Lifting.

✓Your total budget

✓Working space conditions

✓Counterweight alternatives.

✓Capacity Of machinery bucket

✓Important Attachments of machinery

Moreover, the power of your digger machinery depends on the specification of your machinery. You have to make sure that you select digger machinery with the appropriate size and enough power to perform your jobs.

b)  Comfort Of A Mini Digger

It is a famous saying that a comfortable excavator is the most productive excavating technology. You have to check if your chosen mini digger machinery has all those comforts that you want in it.

With time, the small excavator systems are getting popular and the users want all levels of comfort in their little excavator systems. The industry is designing these mini-systems or models with large excavators comforts such as:

Heat or A/C

Bluetooth system

FM radio

Multifunctional monitors system

Touch control systems

USB ports, and much more.

c)   Safety Of A Mini Digger

Safety is a word that should always be a priority at your work site. While looking for comforts in your mini digger machine, you should also keep an eye on the safety system as well. Without a safety support system, you may not ensure a healthy and productive working environment.

For example, when you are working around a large number of people, emergency alarms and rearview cameras can play an important role in emergency conditions. Moreover, the operator of the mini digger machine can get more protection when the mini digger is equipped with a breaker.

To make sure that the operator works peacefully while using the machine, a window guard or polycarbonate front glass is important.

The whole summary gets to the point that you need to check if you are buying a unit that possesses the following parts :

Rearview cameras

Emergency Alarms.

Breaker system

Window guard/polycarbonate front glass

d)  Important Attachments Of Small Excavator

One of the most important things, when you are buying the little excavator farm machinery, is that you have to check important attachments and options. With the help of those attachments, you will be able to create your perfect working farm machinery.

Some important attachments are described in the table below :

Breaking HammerImportant when you need to break hard materials.
Drilling Auger,Needed when you have to drill deep holes. It runs by hydraulic circuits, attached with a spiral blade, and may come in different sizes as well as specifications.
Rippers,Helpful in tearing through tough objects. Can help you demolish frozen structures through your farm machinery system.
Quick Hitch,Helps you to switch between attachments and Tools while maximizing the versatility and productivity of your excavator.
Buckets,The most important attachments with your little excavator machine to carry or move materials from one place to another. May have different widths to carry different materials.

e)   Checking The Deals And Warranties (Costs)

Different countries across the globe, especially the United Nations, China, and other European countries, give special deals and warranties when you are buying important machines. A good Chinese manufacturer always keeps special deals and warranties services for its customers.

It is a common practice that you should first check the deals, if not then buy it at the actual price. Deals can give you your ideal excavator machines at low costs while warranties can ensure the safety of your equipment.

f)    Checking The Features Of Compact Excavator

You should also keep an eye on the features of your little excavator machines. You can also get customized features since it is very easy for manufacturing industries to customize. However, the most common features that different industries add to excavator machines, are listed below :

The key feature of your mini digging machines is that they can work precisely in small places such as houses, gardens, and farms.

The complete structure of your mini digging machines is composed of manganese steel.

Contains swing motos as well as Eaton brand traveling motor

It has an efficient multi-way valve that is load sensitive

It has a rubber track that can enable wear-resistant properties

It possesses a flexible and precise cylinder

It has complete special protection for all the cables and hoses

Smaller Excavator Vs Large-sized Excavator

When purchasing your compact excavator machinery, you must be aware of the differences between large-sized excavators and small-sized excavators. This can help you make a better decision as to which one you should choose. The following table explains the difference clearly

DifferenceSmaller Excavator Large Excavator
Weight1-2 tons35-60 tons
Controlreduced or zero tail swinglarge tail swing
UndercarriageNarrower undercarriageWider undercarriage

How To Purchase A Small Excavator At  Hiosen

Hiosen is your reliable excavators’ manufacturing brand located in China. It is giving its best services not only in Chinese areas but also across the United nations and other countries’ locations. When purchasing compact excavator machinery for your job, you have to follow a few simple steps at Hiosen. The table given below tells you about the whole purchasing process :

1)ResearchFirst step. Based on your research, you can convey the customization details to the Hiosen engineers.
2)InquiryInquire from the engineers or manufacturers regarding your requirements so that they can design one for you.
3)NegotiationThe third step is the negotiation of important technical details such as model, sizes, forms, and attached tools. At this step, the manufacturers may also represent the opinion to help you get the ideal machinery.
4)ContractOnce the negotiation is done, now you have to sign the contract with the manufacturer
5)ProductionThe production process begins after you sign the contract. While keeping strict control over the quality, the manufacturers start production.
6)TestingOnce the production process is complete, the manufacturer tests the machine to make sure it works well.
7)DeliveryAfter the production and testing process, the manufacturers carry out the delivery process from China and your machinery will be delivered to your located address.
8)SupportHiosen gives amazing support and after-sales service for guidance related to excavator technology. This can help you to get the best use of your technology after it is delivered to your doorstep.

Important note: “There are some already manufactured excavators models available at the shop but those manufactured examples do not represent your required and customized equipment. Therefore you need to give customization details.”

  • Note that you can order your Hiosen excavator equipment online through google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any other internet browser on their website.


While evaluating all the important factors listed above, now you can have better technology information related to excavator machinery. You can now analyze your work forms, needs, and requirements and then make a decision about buying your compact excavator machinery.

According to a group of experts from China and the UK, you should take help from a professional to help you get the best machinery.

So if you have made up your mind then you should simply go to google chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox and visit Hiosen to order your best form of the small excavator.

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