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Most people get confused about differentiating between excavators and diggers. You must be interested in knowing whether these are the names of two different or the same equipment. In this blog post, you will learn about the differences or similarities between diggers and excavators.

Moreover, you will also get to know their most common applications, advantages, and operating tips. Surprised, Auh? So what are you waiting for? Just continue reading and explore more about it.

Mini digger vs mini excavator

What Is An Excavator? 

An excavator is a heavy Machinery for construction that consists of a dipper, bucket, swing boom, and cab on a rotating platform called a house. It has tracks or wheels through which it moves, and these wheels and tracks carry all the weight. It is diesel-powered. The excavation of topsoil is perfect for an excavator. In this process, the top layer of the earth is removed.

It is a heavy-duty machine. Excavators are also used to excavate and create space for ponds and swimming pools and even to lay the foundation for the construction of the building and various other tasks, for example, lifting different things, etc.

Is An Excavator The Same Thing As A Digger? 

There is no difference between an excavator and a digger. An excavator has a nickname called a digger. An excavator to one person is a digger to another. Diggers can make large holes or channels in the ground by carefully removing the earth from that area. Excavators and diggers are mostly confused with power shovels.

Excavators mostly use attachments such as buckets for large-scale digging and other attachments available for different jobs.

What is an excavator

Difference Between Mini Excavators & Power Shovels 

Excavators and power shovels may have similar designs and functions, but a power shovel operates differently than an excavator. A power shovel will shovel the soil in an outward direction; however, an excavator shovels in an inward direction; Power shovel acts as we dig up the earth with the shovels.

Power shovels are more like rope/cable type of an excavator in which the digging arm is powered and controlled by winches and steel ropes. However, excavators are controlled by hydraulics. Power shovels have buckets with three cm, for open cut mining 2-22, and for stripping capacity up to 150 cm; if for unground mining, then capacity is 3cm.

What Jobs You Can Do With A Digger? 

Digger is a go-to machine to dig as it can dig in both large scales jobs and small scales jobs. Excavators have many different sizes to meet the needs of domestic excavations and also for huge digs on construction sites. These are some of the jobs that you do with a digger.

Digging holes through compact excavators

Excavators are the best machine for digging holes because of their ability to reach on a tough land where it is very hard to reach other machines and their attachment options. Old fashion shoveling is difficult and time-consuming. Using an excavator, we could shorten the project’s completion time.

Landscaping Demolishing Structures

Excavators can make landscaping quicker and less laborious. Rather than using our hands for shoveling dirt, we can use excavators for irrigation ditches and excavation for planting trees.

Landscaping through excavators

Demolishing Structures

Excavators are used for demolishing structures as well. These are much safer and more efficient than using hand-powered tools to take down structures. Usually, construction projects require tearing down structures, so the excavator is the best machine.

What Types Of Diggers Or Excavators Are Available In the Market? 

Many excavators have their properties, such as tracked or wheeled chassis, longer reach, and different sizes. Some of the popular types of excavators are given below:

Micro Excavator

The smallest excavator is called a micro excavator. These types of excavators are ideal for small jobs. In some situations, they are capable of fitting through doorways. Perfect for garden jobs and patio reworks. Micro excavators are easier to use and handle than large excavators because of their maneuverability.

Mini Excavator 

A mini excavator is next up in size from the micro excavator. The mini excavator has more power than the micro excavator, but they are still ideal for construction sites with limited access. Mini excavators are mostly used in household jobs and small construction work with power capacity almost similar to heavy equipment.

Midi Digger 

The midi excavator is ideal for the job for an ideal level of excavation depth and power. Midi excavators can do very intense jobs easily. If access to the site is difficult, then the midi digger is up for the job. A midi digger is difficult to navigate if it has more power, then there is more chance of getting errors. Because of these reasons, specialist operators must operate a mini digger.

Crawler Excavator

Crawler Excavator is the largest excavator. These types of excavators are ideal for large-scale construction jobs. The crawler excavator is so powerful it can move a huge volume of soil. This type of excavator is very easy to operate, but its large size makes things time-consuming, for example, Reduction of speed and efficiency.

You can also read this blog to know all the types of excavators.

Advantages Of Compact Excavators 

Compact excavators have a compact body. Different bucket sizes and multiple attachments can be attached to an excavator to do the required work. Mini excavators are used where small earthwork jobs are required. Here are some of the advantages of using a mini excavator.

Advantages of a small excavator

Mini excavators are easy to use

A mini excavator is easy to operate. You can become a master in operating a mini excavator in a very short period. Anybody can learn to operate a mini excavator and start the work using a mini excavator.

A difficult place to reach is not a problem Noise is not a problem.

Mini excavators are smaller in size compared to full-size excavators. Due to their small size, they can reach places that are difficult to reach and can work there. The main problem for contractors is accessibility in difficult places to reach and work there; that mini excavator plays a huge role. You can easily achieve your desired digging depth through it.

Noise is not a problem.

Mini excavators produce less noise than large excavators when crossing hard surfaces such as cement. There is no noise complaint because they are used on residential sites.

Less damaging

A mini excavator has a small operating weight than an excavator, so there is no scraping or grinding on the surface where they move. Rubber tracks on mini excavator avoid slipping. They are easier to move in tight spaces, so less damage occurs. You can move metric tons of material without causing any damage.

Some other advantages of the mini excavator are 

They can be easily transported

Functions in mini excavator are not limited


Exceptional performance for multiple activities such as digging trenches.


Operating Tips For Compact Excavator 

You must follow particular operating tips for excavators to get the best performance even before small projects at job sites. Knowing the proper operational tips is important whether you are operating vocational trucks, skid steer, or a small excavator. Some of the operating tips are:

Reading the Instruction manual Inspection of the machine.

The instruction manual contains the detail on how to operate a zero tail swing mini excavator. It tells us the use of each control, where fire extinguishers are located, the conditions in which the mini excavator is dangerous to operate, and where warning labels are placed.

Reading the instruction manual is beneficial. If you do not want to read every word in the manual, then take a look through to learn the basics of a mini excavator.

Excavators operational tips

Inspection of machine Balancing of mini excavator

Before using used mini excavators or compact track loaders, it should be a common practice to inspect them thoroughly in an emergency. Per the mini-excavator, a few things are required to be inspected before using it. One should check all hoses and fluids in case of leakage, which may cause hazards while on the field.

Lubrication should be done before use. You should check the engine oil and coolant level every time before using the machine and inspect for any physical damage to the standard excavator.

Balancing of mini excavator

If you use a crawler excavator and do not balance the weight on the excavator, it will tip-off. So, it is good practice to balance your hydraulic power standard excavators by extending or retracting the stick.

Other tips are

Drive on the tracks for practice

Testing mini excavator 

Making small turns

What Are Current Sellers Of Excavators & How To Buy From Them? 

Some current sellers of compact or crawler excavators sell quite popular models in the construction industry. These are listed below:

You can buy your construction equipment from these suppliers by contacting them through their websites. You have to tell them your specifications, requirements, and budget. These sellers will design an excavator according to your demand.

Best mini diggers brands


Mini diggers and mini excavators aren’t different but two different names for one machine. You can use them on construction sites and get the most out of your projects. Looking for high quality and trusted supplier? Contact Us Now. We are available 24/7 to help you out.

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