How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Mini Excavator?

How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Mini Excavator?

If you have a lot of lands to dig and shovels just would not cut it, or if you need to make a landfill but need nothing to dig with, renting a mini excavator can be a cost-effective solution. This guide will provide information on the cost of renting a mini excavator and what is included in the rental and How much does it cost to rent a mini excavator?

One of the essential pieces of equipment on any work site, mini excavators are commonly used for backfilling, digging, grading, and leveling. You may not need a mini excavator permanently, so renting is the perfect solution.

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How much does it cost to rent a mini excavator?

The cost to rent a mini excavator varies depending on how much it costs to rent a mini excavator. They can be rented by the day, week, or month. Here are some examples of what you might expect to pay:

• A 4,000-pound mini excavator costs $197 a day, $520 a week, or $1,456 monthly.

• An 8,000-pound mini excavator costs $242 a day, $728 a week, or $1,966 monthly.

• A 12,000-pound mini excavator costs $312 a day, $907 a week, or $2,466 monthly.

• A 16,000-pound mini excavator costs $416 a day, $1,278 a week, or $3,048 monthly.

• An 18,000-pound mini excavator costs $416 a day, $1,005 a week, or $3,009 monthly.

The cost to rent a mini excavator can vary depending on several factors, such as the make, model, and size of the excavator, any add-ons or attachments, the length of the rental, and the dealer you rent through.

On average, you can expect to pay between $200 and $500 daily to rent a mini excavator, with heavy-duty models costing as much as $3,000 daily. Mid-range models average monthly rental costs between $400 and $1,200.

If you need to rent the mini excavator for a more extended period, renting by the week or month can save costs. When renting by the week, you can save between 20 and 30 percent of the average daily price and up to 60 percent for monthly renting. If you require an operator, expect to pay between $20 and $50 an hour, although some companies can include an operator with the rental fee.

Delivery charges can also affect the total cost of renting a mini excavator, with an average price of $3 per mile. The total cost will vary based on the distance between the rental company and the work site, but on average, it can range between $70 and $150.

Attachments are often considered separate rentals, with an average cost between $50 and $800 per day, depending on the attachment.

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Mini Excavator Basic Operation Overview

A mini excavator is a versatile piece of equipment used in construction, landscaping, and other industries for digging, demolition, and other tasks. Here’s a basic overview of its operation:

Before operating the mini excavator, conduct a thorough inspection to ensure it’s in good working condition. Check the engine, hydraulic system, tracks or wheels, and other components. Oprater should become familiar with the controls, including the joysticks, foot pedals, and switches. Each control corresponds to a specific excavator function, such as digging, swinging, and dumping.

Start the engine and engage the hydraulic system. Use the control levers to move the excavator forward or backward, turn it left or right, and raise or lower the boom and arm. When digging, position the excavator in the desired location and use the controls to lower the bucket or attachment to the ground. Use the boom and arm to maneuver the bucket and scoop up the material.

Once the bucket is full, lift it and swing the excavator to the desired dumping location. Use the controls to lower the bucket and dump the material. When finished, park the excavator on level ground, turn off the engine, and secure it with the appropriate safety measures.

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Rent a Mini Excavator for Projects Where Size Matters

Renting a mini excavator can be a smart choice for projects where size matters. Here are some reasons why:

Maneuverability: Mini excavators are smaller and more compact than their larger counterparts, making them easier to maneuver in tight spaces and areas with limited access. They can navigate through narrow gates, alleys, and doorways that larger equipment can’t.

Versatility: Mini excavators are designed for different applications, including digging, demolition, landscaping, and more. They can be fitted with various attachments, such as buckets, augers, and hammers, to perform different tasks.

Cost-effective: Renting a mini excavator can be more cost-effective than buying or renting a giant machine for small or medium-sized projects. Mini excavators are less expensive to rent, require less fuel,

and have lower maintenance costs.

Reduced damage: Mini excavators are lighter than larger machines, so they exert less pressure on the ground and cause less damage to lawns, driveways, and other surfaces.

Increased efficiency: Mini excavators are designed to be operated by a single person, which can increase productivity and efficiency on the job site.

Additional Pricing for Renting a mini excavator

When budgeting for a mini excavator rental, there are additional costs beyond the rental fee. These costs include the cost of any other accessories needed, equipment storage, fuel, and insurance.

  1. Additional accessories such as augers, blades, grapples, or hammers may be necessary for your project and will come at an additional cost. It’s essential to consider these costs when setting your budget and finalizing the rental agreement.
  2. If you don’t have suitable storage space for the mini excavator, you may need to rent storage space, which can cost between $175 and $399, depending on the length of the rental period.
  3. Fuel is another cost to consider. You must keep the excavator fueled throughout the rental period and before returning it to the rental company to avoid any extra fees. Fuel prices can vary, but on average, it costs between $0.80 and $1 per liter.
  4. Most rental companies require you to pay for insurance, typically costing around 12 percent of the rental fee. However, this insurance only covers unexpected equipment damage that is not your fault. It’s important to carefully read the insurance policy terms and consider additional coverage if necessary.

Renting a mini excavator Tips

  1. Obtaining quotes from multiple rental companies is recommended to reduce the cost of renting a mini excavator, as they may have varying rates and potential discounts.
  2. Monitoring the cost of diesel fuel can also lead to savings on refueling expenses.
  3. Understanding the project’s needs can help determine the necessary accessories, limiting additional costs.
  4. Keeping the mini excavator in good condition by having lubricants available and ensuring proper cleaning and maintenance can prevent costly repairs.
  5. It is essential to prioritize safety by equipping oneself with appropriate gear and following the user manual carefully.
  6. Some reputable rental companies can be easily found online.
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Mini Excavator Rental Cost Factors

Mini excavator rental costs can be affected by several factors that should be considered.

First, the project’s duration is a significant cost factor, as rental rates vary based on daily, weekly, and monthly rental options. Second, the weight of the work to be done determines the type of equipment needed, as different models have different limits on digging depth and require various accessories to clear soil. Third, the mini excavator is a cost factor, as it has a certain lifespan and requires maintenance and repairs after a certain period, which is factored into the rental price.

The weight of the work to be done also plays a role, as different models of mini excavators have varying capabilities and may require additional accessories to perform specific tasks. Contractors consider the equipment’s lifespan and maintenance costs when determining the rental price.

Lastly, the rental location can affect costs due to differences in the cost of living and the type of land being excavated, which can impact the mini-excavator model needed for the job. You can contact us for more details about min excavators.

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